Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Helping A Coworker In Need

A co-worker of mine recently approached me with an interesting question. He's the head technician for one of our accounts and has multiple machines for different functions on separate networks (Ghosting, Managing AD, Work Communication, etc). He wanted to be able to get rid of this excess clutter on his work bench by integrating all his machines to one monitor, one mouse, and one keyboard. Obviously I was egar to help him. I had suggested a couple ways to accomplish this one being a KVM switch. Today we ventured far and near in our workplace in search for a KVM switch with multiple inputs. Turns out we have a bunch of them (about 50 to be exact). It's the first time I have ever seen this type of KVM switch with support for up to 10 computers. I found it to be quite cool so we hooked it up and tada it works (Big surprise right?) So that combined with a few config orders is what I have done today!

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